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Scott Goldfarb

Scott Goldfarb, President of Q/P Management Group, is an international consultant and speaker with over thirty years of software experience. Mr. Goldfarb specializes in helping organizations improve software quality and productivity through measurement. He has assisted numerous organizations in implementing software measurement programs and benchmarking software productivity, quality and cost. His other areas of expertise include outsourcing evaluation and management, function point analysis, process improvement, software development methodologies, project management, and software estimating.

Prior to the founding of Q/P Management Group, Mr. Goldfarb was Vice President of Professional Services for Software Productivity Research, Inc. (SPR) specializing in software measurement and estimating.  He was also a Managing Consultant with Nolan, Norton and Company where he was responsible for the management of various client assignments including two years of international engagements working with European companies.  Mr. Goldfarb worked as a Manager and Systems Analyst for Varian/Extrion, an electronics manufacturer, where he assisted in the establishment and management of an MIS department and distributed data processing installation.  Prior to this he served as an Account Executive and Customer Service/Production Manager for Automatic Data Processing (ADP), a data processing service bureau specializing in financial applications.

Mr. Goldfarb received his B.S. degree in Business Administration from Boston University in 1975 and attended the MBA program at Suffolk University in 1979-1980.  He is recognized by the International Function Point Users Group as a Certified Function Point Specialist (CPM 4.2), and served as President of IFPUG from 2001 to 2003.

Mr. Goldfarb was an Adjunct Faculty member at Boston University and has spoken at numerous conferences including the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG), Better Software Conference and the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI).

Roger Heller

Roger Heller, Vice President Q/P Management Group, is a recognized consultant, instructor and speaker with over thirty years of Information Systems and consulting experience.  Mr. Heller specializes in helping organizations improve software quality and productivity through measurement.  He has assisted numerous organizations in establishing software measurement programs and quality improvement initiatives.  His other areas of expertise include outsourcing evaluation, measurement and management, function point analysis, applying function point analysis techniques to emerging environments, software estimating, and application and technology planning.  He is the immediate past chair person of the International Function Point User's Group New Environments - Counting Standards Committee.

Prior to joining Q/P Management Group, Mr. Heller was the Managing Principal of Digital Equipment Corporation's Management Consulting Office in Boston, Massachusetts.  He was also a Practice Manager for DMR, Inc.  In this role he was responsible for the Information Technology and Communications Practice.  Prior to joining DMR, Mr. Heller was a Managing Consultant with Nolan, Norton and Company (NNC) where he was responsible for managing various client engagements across multiple industries.  He also defined and managed the internal worldwide training program for NNC consultants.  Mr. Heller was a Lead Systems Engineer for International Business Machines (IBM) in the Data Processing Division.  In this role he provided technical support and guidance to customers and sales teams on a variety of topics including; platforms, telecommunications and application design and development.

Mr. Heller received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wayne State University.  He also studied Computer Science at the University of Michigan. The International Function Point Users Group recognizes him as a Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS) in the most current version of the Counting Practices Manual (CPM 4.x).

Sherry A. Ferrell

Sherry Ferrell, Managing Consultant, Q/P Management Group, specializes in software measurement, Quality Assurance, Total Quality Management (TQM), process improvement, and managing customer satisfaction.  She is an experienced instructor in TQM, software measurement, quality inspections, problem solving techniques, and function point analysis.  Ms. Ferrell also has extensive experience as an applications developer and systems software engineer.

Prior to joining Q/P, Ms. Ferrell was Director of Quality Assurance/Measurement and Technical Training for First Data Corporation, an international organization providing processing for financial card services and cable television services.  She was responsible for implementing Total Quality Management within the Card Services Software Development division.  Her responsibilities also included consulting with functional departments and senior management on the implementation of a customer evaluation process for the organization.

Prior to this assignment Ms Ferrell was the Quality Assurance Manager within a systems operations and programming organization.  She was responsible for developing and monitoring processes and procedures to assure quality in all system development efforts.  The processes included measurement, quality inspection, and development methodologies.  She also implemented a software measurement process that relied on function point counting as a primary metric.

Ms Ferrell attended the College of Saint Mary.  She is recognized as a Certified Function Point Specialist through the International Function Point Users Group.

Bruce Paynter

Bruce Paynter, Senior Management Consultant, Q/P Management Group, specializes in software measurement, quality assurance, development methodologies, and process improvement.  He is an experienced international consultant and instructor in the areas of function point analysis, quality inspections, quality assurance planning and strategies.  He has extensive experience as a software engineer and project manager.  This combination is helpful in assisting organizations improve their software quality and productivity through the implementation of Software Measurement Programs and productivity/quality improvement initiatives.

Before joining Q/P Management Group, Mr. Paynter was Manager, Quality Assurance at the Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services (GTIS), an organization providing software applications, computer and communications facilities to the Canadian Federal Government.  He was responsible for developing and implementing a quality improvement program which included awareness training for managers and techniques training for software engineers in the areas of function point analysis, project estimation, quality assurance, strategies, planning, inspections, and testing.  Based on its success within GTIS, the program was expanded to include GTIS' largest customer departments.

Prior to this, Mr. Paynter was the Manager of Systems Development at the National Transportation Agency of Canada, a transportation regulatory agency.  Mr. Paynter was responsible for the delivery of software and computer based solutions for the entire agency.  His experience in the operations center and in developing applications was instrumental in enabling him to lead his group's improvements in methodology usage and process rationalization.  As a result, the group delivered projects on-time and within budget for the first time in the agency's history, much to the delight of agency management.

Bruce Paynter received his B.Sc. degree in Information Management Systems from Ottawa University.  He has been certified by the International Function Point Users Group as a Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS), and by the Quality Assurance Institute as a Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA).

Mary M. Dale

Mary Dale, Senior Consultant, Q/P Management Group, specializing in improving software quality and productivity through measurement.  Her areas of expertise include function point analysis, establishing measurement programs, quality assurance, process improvement, outsourcing evaluation, and project management.

Prior to joining Q/P, Ms. Dale was a Business Planning Consultant for Electronic Data Systems (EDS), where she managed the Applications Delivery Americas Central Metrics Group (CMG), a team of measurement specialists, statistical analysts and estimating experts providing thought leadership and expertise in the areas of metrics program consulting, application estimating, application sizing, and data analysis.  This centralized metrics group supported a division of over 8,000 employees within 38 solution centers in the United States and Canada.  She was responsible for divisional metrics reporting, analysis, consulting, and training activities performed by the CMG.  She also was responsible for CMG business planning, personnel management, and oversight of financials.

Prior to her EDS involvement, Ms. Dale was employed by American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) for 17+ years.  As a Senior Specialist, she was responsible for various process improvement/measurement initiatives.  These assignments included marketing/reporting metrics to all levels of management, coordinating/implementing function point measurements, managing the development of a directorate metrics repository and time-reporting tool, and delivering training in function point methodology and project estimating.  Prior to her metrics specialization, Ms. Dale held a variety of programming, analyst, and management positions at AT&T.

Ms. Dale received her BS degree in Statistics from The University of Georgia.  She is recognized by the International Function Point Users Group as a Certified Function Point Specialist.  She is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the IFPUG organization, holding the position of Treasurer since 1998.  She also served on the IFPUG Certification Committee from 1994 -2004.

Chris Woodward

Chris Woodward, Senior Associate, Q/P Management Group, has over 40 years of experience in the information technology industry. His areas of expertise include IT management issues with particular emphases on management processes, organization, governance, value, performance measurement and risk assessment. In addition, Mr. Woodward is an expert in Rapid Application Development, Extreme Programming, Agile and Lean Practices for which he provides training and advice on prudent adoption. Mr. Woodward has been dedicated to researching and authoring on topics including human resource management, IT procurement, project and program management, advanced systems development, and human aspects of change. Mr. Woodward’s project based career has left him adept in areas from system development to consulting research to outsourcing transition work.

Mr. Woodward had worked as an IT consultant since 2003 after leaving Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) where he was a Managing Consultant for over 26 years. He spent four years in CSC’s outsourcing business, setting up management and delivery assurance procedures with a focus on ensuring the fulfillment of contractual performance obligations, and helping outsourcing accounts to improve their performance.

Mr. Woodward obtained his BS honors degree in electrical engineering at Imperial College, London University. He then completed a three-year program at City of London University, earning a diploma in Management Studies. Mr. Woodward is a member of the Institute of Management Consultancy, holds a certification at the Management Level of ITIL, and is a Certified FP Specialist.



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