Software Development & Support Benchmarking


Improving software quality and productivity begins with the establishment of a measurement baseline. The baseline is then compared to industry benchmarks to quantify quality and productivity and identify improvement opportunities.

Q/P’s Approach
The benchmarking methodology utilizes proven techniques to statistically measure the output and quality of the software development process. Q/P has established the world's largest functional sized based software metrics benchmark database comprised of thousands of projects and application. This database is utilized in the production of a comprehensive measurement baseline and benchmark comparison report that will allow you to achieve your organization's quality and productivity goals.

The resulting baseline and benchmark comparison will provide your organization with:

  • Productivity rates for development, enhancement, and maintenance projects
  • Quality ratings for projects and applications
  • User satisfaction ratings
  • Cost per output for development and support
  • Time to market analysis
  • Effort and schedule estimate analysis
  • Benchmark comparisons for quality, productivity, cost, time to market, estimating accuracy and processes
  • Identified improvement opportunities

Q/P Management Group's benchmarking approach focuses on Projects, Application Assets, and Process Improvement Initiatives.

A major activity in the benchmarking process is the data collection and analysis of completed development projects.  This data will quantify development quality and productivity, and identify opportunities to improve the development environment.  In-process development projects can also be included in order to assist in project planning, estimating, and change of scope management.

Application Assets
Q/P’s benchmarking process also focuses on existing applications. Application size, annual defects, support costs, and maintenance variables are collected and analyzed. The resulting information provides a basis for an applications maintenance strategy, identification of maintenance improvement opportunities, and valuation of software assets.

Process Improvement Initiatives
A major deliverable of the benchmarking process is the identification of Continuous Process Improvement opportunities. On the basis of project and application measures, Q/P will compare your organization's use of tools and processes to the best in practice and identify opportunities that will significantly improve productivity, quality and reduce costs. Optionally, we can assist you in the planning and implementation of specific improvement opportunities.

Q/P’s Services
Q/P’s benchmarking services result in a comprehensive measurement baseline that will allow you to achieve your organization’s quality and productivity goals. Depending on your unique requirements, we can help you:

  • Establish an ongoing measurement process
  • Evaluate software cost and value
  • Evaluate customer and management satisfaction
  • Quantify quality and productivity levels
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Conduct opportunity cost/benefit analysis
  • Assist in strategic and operational improvement planning
  • Provide implementation support
  • Assist in quality and productivity goal setting

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you baseline your organization’s existing environment and establish an ongoing benchmarking process.
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