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Q/P Management Group, Inc. is the leading provider of software measurement, benchmarking, process improvement, training, and tools.
Q/P Management Group has offices in the United States, Canada and Europe.

For more information, contact us at:

North America:

Address:   10 Bow Street
                    Stoneham, MA 02180-1343

Phone:      +1 781 438 2692

Fax:           +1 781 438 5549

Email:        moreinfo@qpmg.com


Address:  3 Upper Stephens
                   Langton Green
                   Kent Tn3 OBS
                   United Kingdom

Phone:      +44 20 3287 9218

Email:        moreinfo.europe@qpmg.com


Q/P Management Group's on-going Research and Development efforts are an essential part of the development and refinement of our consultants' skills as well as our solutions.

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PQM Plus

PQMPlus™ is a software project estimating and measurement system developed for project managers and measurement specialists.

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