Q/P Management Group’s estimating model provides a structured framework to collect and analyze the data required to estimate your organization's software projects. The rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimates are based on current industry average benchmark data which are driven by the adjusted function point size of a project.

This model will produce an estimate that has not been calibrated for project risk or other factors that can impact project productivity and quality. The estimate will include Project Effort, Project Schedule and Project Staffing.

The required input data for the estimating model includes the project adjusted function point size, the selection of the type of project (new development or enhancement) and the identification of the development delivery platform for the project.

The introductory cost for each estimate is $35.00 (U.S.). There is a limit of 5 estimates per day. Payments can be made via Credit Card or PayPal through a secure process.

Your first online Estimate is free! - For a limited time only, all registered users' first use of the online estimating methodology will be free of charge. Simply start your first new estimate as directed and the payment process will be waived for you.

The following is a sample of the ROM Estimate provided with our online Estimating tool.

Project Name:
Main Project

Development Type:

Adjusted FP Count:

Production Platform:

Effort Hours:
8,838 - 13,461

Duration (Days):
205 - 265

Full Time Persons:
3.85 - 5.95

Productivity Rate (FP/HR):
0.065 - 0.099

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