Function Point Analysis


Service Overview
Organizations interested in function points have a wide range of objectives.  These objectives impact the function point implementation approach.  Initial implementations of function points often begin with an introduction to function points where a basic understanding of techniques and usage is desired. The end result is often the implementation of a function point based measurement program where existing software assets and development projects are counted to support the organization’s measurement objectives.

Based on your objectives, Q/P Management Group can help you determine the best approach for implementing function point analysis in support of your organization’s goals and objectives.

Functionality as Viewed from the User's Perspective

Function Point Implementation
Q/P can assist your organization in successfully establishing a function point based measurement program. Our expert consultants will work with you to plan, train and implement a function point counting, analysis and reporting process. We will help you:

  • Promote the use of function points
  • Define the data collection, validation and reporting requirements
  • Integrate function point counting with your organization’s lifecycle
  • Determine the critical measures to be used in conjunction with function points
  • Identify and select appropriate function point measurement and estimation software

Function Point Baselines
Q/P can help your organization baseline individual projects and applications or entire portfolios.  Our baseline services will provide your organization with valuable management information allowing you to: 

  • Value your existing software assets
  • Estimate development and maintenance activities
  • Determine quality and productivity levels
  • Evaluate software packages and development contracts

Function Point Training
Q/P’s function point training is the best in the industry.  Our course is certified by the International Function Point User Group (IFPUG) and utilizes adult education techniques to ensure the most effective learning experience.  Q/P offers a wide variety of courses ranging from general overview sessions to in-depth training designed to teach participants to become proficient counters.  Class topics include:

  • Benefits and history of FPs
  • The counting process and steps
  • The fundamentals of FP counting
  • IFPUG guidelines
  • Advanced counting guidelines
  • Development and enhancement project case exercises

Q/P will also customize our course to include counting of your organization's projects and applications.

Download Quick Reference Cards
Please follow this link to request Q/P’s Function Point Analysis quick reference cards.

  • FPA Quick Reference Card for CPM version 4.3 - this handy card contains useful information such as definitions for an ILF, EIF, EI, EO, and EQ; the definition of an elementary process, and summaries of the General System Characteristics.
  • FPA Facilitation Quick Reference Card – this card compliments Q/P’s Function Points facilitation class.  It steps through the process and the questions that should be asked as one facilitates a Function Points counting session.

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