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The right tools can make all the difference in helping to provide better software faster. Q/P focuses on providing effective tools to help estimate, measure and report software project performance, manage function point data and utilize historical and industry benchmark data. Q/P product and tool offerings have been designed to support your software measurement program from project inception through final performance reporting.

Benchmark Data

Q/P has established the world's largest functional size based software metrics benchmark database. The database consists of statistics on thousands of projects and applications. Corporations, commercial software developers and Government agencies around the world have used Q/P's benchmark database to improve performance and estimate software development and maintenance.



Estimating Q/P's web-based project estimating tools incorporates our proven estimating techniques and our industry leading benchmark database to produce function point based project estimates.



Software Measurement, Reporting and Estimating (SMRe) Software Measurement, Reporting and Estimating (SMRe) is a tool that automates software project estimating and the reporting of project performance metrics.



CFPS Exam Automated CFPS Practice Exam available 24-hours a day.
Q/P has created the first available on-demand automated Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS) practice exam that simulates the IFPUG automated exam environment. The exam is intended to prepare an individual to take the IFPUG CFPS exam.



Charismatek Software Metrics Function Point WORKBENCH™ is a network-ready Windows-based software tool which makes it easy for an organization to implement the Function Point Analysis technique for sizing, estimating, and evaluating software.



QPMPlus PQMPlus - The Intelligent Software Measurement and Estimating Tool

PQMPlus™ is a productivity/quality measurement system developed for software development project managers and measurement specialists. PQMPlus™ is a benchmarking and measurement tool with a robust function point repository.


FACTOID Lend Me a Hand...

Lend Me a Hand...

Lend Me a Hand... Among the earliest measures developed by ancient man were those of length. Lacking formal standards, parts of the body became the basis for our earliest measurements. But not just anybody's parts were good enough. Generally, the part belonged to royalty. One of the first, if not the first, documented examples is the Egyptian cubit derived from the length of a Pharaoh's arm from his elbow to his outstretched fingertips. Since all Pharaohs were not created equal, by 2500 BC the cubit had been standardized in a royal master cubit made of black marble (about 52 centimeters in length). The cubit was subdivided into 28 digits (roughly a finger width) that were further subdivided into fractional parts, the smallest of these being just over a millimeter.


Q/P Management Group's on-going Research and Development efforts are an essential part of the development and refinement of our consultants' skills as well as our solutions.

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