Measurement & Estimating


Making informed management decisions requires the right information, the kind of information that an effective Software Measurement Program delivers. Under Q/P’s guidance, organizations can implement the appropriate processes, collect the right application and project data and analyze that data to make better decisions. Organizations that utilize this approach achieve higher quality software, higher productivity for projects and maintenance, reduced costs and ultimately competitive advantages. We bring a fresh perspective to each of our clients by tailoring our proven techniques to meet their individual needs. We understand that for our clients to recognize the benefits of Software Measurement it is necessary to develop a clear understanding of their software goals and objectives.

Establishing reliable estimates for project effort, schedule, cost and staffing is critical to the success of software development projects. Q/P’s proven estimating methods, coupled with our industry–leading benchmark database, enable our consultants to develop estimates for all types of software projects, including new development, enhancement, maintenance and custom off–the–shelf solutions. We can also help establish or improve your organization’s estimating program providing the techniques, training, tools and benchmark data to help estimate projects with greater accuracy and consistency.

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