Estimating Software Development Projects and Support


Estimating Model

Q/P’s Approach
Q/P’s estimating methodology provides a structured framework to collect and analyze the data required to estimate your organization’s software projects.  The model shown depicts the data collected and the resulting outputs.

The resulting estimate will provide your organization with:

  • Effort and productivity rates
  • Schedule duration time frame
  • Cost per output for development and support
  • Staffing levels
  • Identified risks and improvement opportunities
  • Benchmark comparisons


Q/P Management Group's software estimating technique helps you to forecast a wide variety of projects and support activities including:

New Development and Enhancement Projects - Q/P provides estimates for effort, schedule, cost and staffing, based on project size, attributes and constraints.
Application Maintenance Support - Q/P estimates software maintenance staffing for defect correction, performance tuning and minor support.
Off-the-Shelf Software Solutions - Q/P performs a gap analysis of functional requirements vs. product offerings in order to aid in make/buy decisions. Q/P can also provide estimates for package enhancements, installation and hidden costs.

Q/P’s Services
Q/P will customize the estimating service to meet your organization’s needs.  We can help you implement your organization’s own ongoing estimating initiative by training your staff in the necessary measurement techniques and processes, or we can provide estimating on a project by project consulting basis.

Q/P’s services include:

  • Function Point Analysis of your projects and applications
  • Access to Q/P Management Group's industry benchmark database
  • Identification and communication of project factors impacting quality, productivity, and risk
  • Measures and controls to track the progress of your projects
  • Estimation training and establishment of your own ongoing process
  • Establishing an independent, fully documented estimate for your critical projects

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you baseline your existing environment and establish an ongoing benchmarking process.
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