Outsourcing Management


Numerous organizations have entered into outsourcing agreements without fully understanding the potential benefits, risks or contract terms. These organizations have met with varying degrees of success.

Companies who understand all of the factors impacting outsourcing are the most successful.  Q/P Management Group has developed a proven approach that aids in establishing a positive outsourcing arrangement.  Our approach is designed to help you make the right outsourcing decisions by answering the following questions:

Six-Step Outsourcing Process
  • Is outsourcing a valid alternative?
  • What are the expected benefits and cost savings?
  • What functions should be considered for outsourcing?
  • What terms need to be considered?
  • How will the relationship be managed?
  • What steps are necessary to implement the process?
  • How will performance be measured?
  • What is the required infrastructure?

The Framework
Q/P Management Group will help your organization determine the benefits, establish the contract guidelines and implement the measures to manage the outsourcing contract.

Our six step Outsourcing Management process is designed to:

  • Establish the Baseline
  • Assess Goals and Alternatives
  • Determine Contract Scope and Terms
  • Identify Measures to Support Terms
  • Negotiate Performance Levels
  • Measure, Audit and Report Results

The Benefits
Q/P’s consulting services provides your organization with a comprehensive understanding of outsourcing benefits, issues and steps for implementation.  We can help you:

  • Determine if outsourcing is an option you should consider
  • Increase management awareness of outsourcing issues
  • Evaluate and document current performance levels
  • Determine contract resource requirements
  • Identify risks and benefits
  • Develop accurate pricing
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Assist in contract negotiations
  • Establish a process to capture critical contract data
  • Provide a process to validate the results

Please contact us to discuss how we can help baseline your existing environment and establish an ongoing benchmarking process.
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