Quality Inspections Methodology Training and Implementation


Quality Inspections will significantly eliminate software problems, increase customer satisfaction, improve development productivity, and dramatically cut maintenance costs.  This technique can be economically implemented in a short time frame and result in immediate pay-back.

The Technique
Quality Inspections are a proven quality assurance method to identify problems and correct them early in the development lifecycle.  The technique follows a pre-defined process that ensures inspections are well planned, prepared, and successfully conducted. Formal roles and responsibilities are assigned to the participants to ensure that the inspection meetings are focused and productive.

Checklists are used for reference to provide helpful hints on inspecting specific deliverables including requirements specification documents, analysis and design documents, code, and test plans.  Optional forms are used to collect defect, issue, and inspection meeting data.  This information helps manage the resolution process, provides input for continuous process improvement, and is used to measure the effectiveness of the inspection process.

The Training
Q/P’s well organized, straight forward approach to Quality Inspections requires minimal training.  The session provides participants with the knowledge to successfully perform inspections on their own project deliverables immediately following the training.

The class not only provides methodology training, but also motivates individuals to use the technique by highlighting the quantifiable benefits.  Benefits are also demonstrated through a hands on exercise which allows the participants to practice the technique.

The class agenda includes:

  • Quality Inspections Overview
  • Industry Experiences
  • Defects in the Lifecycle
  • Quality Inspections Guidelines
  • Quality Inspections Process
  • Quality Inspections Roles
  • Quality Inspections Techniques
  • Case Study (design, code, documentation)
  • Defect Analysis
  • Course Summary

A detail outline of the class is also available on request.

The Quality Inspections methodology and associated training can be tailored to meet your organization's specific needs. Customization includes guidelines for how and when inspections are used relevant to your systems development lifecycle and project management methods.  Roles, selection of participants, quick reference cards, checklists, and forms can also be tailored to fit your needs.

The use of a case study based on your organizations actual software deliverables is also beneficial in increasing the comfort level of class participants.

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