Software Measurement, Reporting and Estimating (SMR<sup><u>e</u></sup>) Software Measurement, Reporting and Estimating (SMRe) is a tool that automates software project estimating and the reporting of project performance metrics. Organizations can use SMRe to estimate project size, effort, schedule and staffing early in the lifecycle using in-house and/or industry benchmarks. Once the project is complete SMRe is used to capture project data, report the performance of development projects, and compare the performance to in-house and/or industry benchmarks. SMRe 's intuitive interface allows a user to quickly develop project estimates, enter key project statistics, compare the performance to benchmarks, analyze the results of the comparisons, and publish the report in either Word™ or PowerPoint™ formats. SMRe has been designed to work with PQMPlus™ and the Function Point WORKBENCH™ in order to share relevant data to aid in the production of software measurement reports.

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