Software Metrics Definition and Reporting Workshop


Software Metrics Definition and Reporting Workshop

Organizations establishing Software Measurement Programs need a clear understanding of the appropriate data collection, analysis and reporting requirements.  The starting point is the identification of the audiences for measurement and their unique needs.  Next, the appropriate measures must be selected from the hundreds that exist.  Q/P Management Group's unique approach to defining software metrics has proven to be very effective in numerous organizations.

Q/P’s Software Metrics Definition and Reporting Workshop is structured to address a number of key questions, including:

  • How do we identify the key measures?
  • What are the sources of data?
  • How do we analyze and interpret the metrics?
  • How do we report the information?
  • What tools are available?
  • How do we make this an ongoing process?


Measurement Framework
Q/P Management Group can assist your organization in answering these critical questions and enable you to successfully manage software development through measurement.  Our workshop will help you implement the process for managing your portfolio of software assets, measure projects, identify improvement initiatives and measure their impact.

The Workshop
The two day workshop is for those individuals who desire a comprehensive understanding of software metrics.  With this understanding, you will be able to customize the process to fit the unique needs of your organization.

The workshop content includes:

  • The benefits of measurement
  • Evaluating measurement requirements
  • Metrics definition and analysis
  • Data sources and tools
  • Measurement for process improvement
  • Metrics reporting

The Workshop includes activities where participants begin the customization process that identifies the audiences, metrics and reporting appropriate for your organization.  Workshop materials include Q/P’s comprehensive reference guide to Software Metrics Definition and Reporting.


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